Headway’s Talents Showcased

The Pinoy Pilgrim Global Foundation Inc. (PPGFI) would like to commend the faculty and students of Headway School for Giftedness for doing a good job in promoting the development of the musical arts among its students.  Besides the promotion of the musical arts, Headway excels in guiding students with the highest global academic standards.

PPGFI and Headway are partners in the pursuit of bringing out the best of the best in children.  Headway is a school that caters to children with qualities such as high cognitive ability and high creativity.  PPGFI had begun supporting the scholarship initiatives of Headway since 2009 as part of PPGFI’s mandate to support Pinoy geniuses.

Please enjoy the pictures of the stunning production entitled “A Pocketful of ids” that showcased the talent of the kids at Headway.

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