Pinoy Pilgrim partners with US-based entities for Yolanda Relief

In an effort to contribute to the relief operations for the recent victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), Pinoy Pilgrim had partnered with BODIES IN MOTION and STEP2GETHER, organizations based in the US, to raise funds for the typhoon victims. Spearheading the effort in the US is Ms. Guada Bas. We are publishing in full Guada Bas’ letter of appeal to their clients to do their part in helping the typhoon victims.



To our dear clients,

When Bodies in motion and step2gether decided to hold a fundraiser for the victims of Haiyan, I contacted my brother to find out how best to send funds. He sent me links to different charities and ways to donate. But he was skeptical that our money would be useful at the present time. The situation in the PHILIPPINES now is very disturbing. There are reports of the cash and relief goods not reaching the victims, massive stealing, even the Red Cross is being ambushed by local rebels. The department of social welfare and development has tons of relief goods rotting in their warehouses. My brother applauded our efforts to raise funds but warned me to be careful with how it would reach these suffering families.

I did not want this to stop our efforts to come together as a community and make a difference in the world. So we decided to still raise funds and entrust it to my father’s foundation, Pinoy Pilgrim Global Foundation. They can decide where our funds will be best put to good use. It will take years to rebuild these families’ lives and it may be better if our money goes into something meaningful on the road to recovery.

Pinoy Pilgrim is a wonderful foundation based in the Philippines. You can visit their website at The foundation can not receive checks written in a dollar amount. That’s why we are consolidating your cash donations so we can successfully wire it to the foundation. We will be asking for your information so that you can be updated with news on how our funds are being put to good use.

You can come to the studio this week to simply donate or join us in these classes where we will take your donation in lieu of the class tickets, cards, etc.

Thursday November 27
8:30 am Dance Fusion
9:30 am Niyolates

Saturday November 30
11:15 am Parent Child Class

Let’s come together in this Thanksgiving week and make this happen!!