The Philippine Volcanoes, our National Rugby Team: Asian 5 Champions!

I’ve had the priviledge and great honour to watch the April 21, 2012 game between the Sri-Lanka rugby team against our very own national rugby team, the Philippine Volcanoes, at the Asian Five Nations Division 1 tournament at the Rizal Stadium, Manila. Our tickets were courtesy of the National Coach, Expo Mejia.

The volcanoes erupted as Champions of the tournament!

As a first time watcher of live rugby, I realized that rugby is more physical than American football. The tackles are much stronger, harder and tougher. Without any protective gear (like American football), one needs to have bones of steel to be a Rugby player! However, I commend coach Expo for promoting rugby as a sport that Pinoys could play.

With the championship win at the Asian 5, the national team gains a foothold at the Asian Top 5, where at least one Asian country would compete in the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England. The Volcanoes are ranked 62 all over the world but we expect them to rise in ranks as they hopefully win the succeeding tournaments.

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