Eulogy for Manoling de Leon, by Lita Bondoc

August 19, 2015

Good morning.

I am Lita Bondoc, the eldest grandchild of the De Leon Family. Manoling De Leon was an uncle and a friend. I will speak of him as a friend and as a person that I know. I do not remember when the friendship started. It evolved through the years. Because of my numerous consultations and conversations with him as regards:

Business – We loved to compare, discuss and plan
Personal – I have a lot of problems, all sorts

In business and personal [matters], to make me feel good, he teases me “No match yan sa iyo Lita”. Ang tanga ko naman naniniwala ako. He had a nickname for me “ASTIG”. My cellphone is full of this. It was so nice to do small things for him. He really appreciated it. Every time I leave for abroad, he would text me “Bilmoko”. Syempre meron akong dala for him. We have a Saturday group with Tita Chat, Tita Charing and Tita Marissa with Sito and Bingbing. We bonded together at the start to help each other. They love to make me “uto”. Nagpapauto naman ako. We shared problems, tried to solve them and enjoyed each other’s company. Now, we will miss him, but we will continue to meet regularly. He was a good man. Tita Chat and he had a beautiful relationship. He was a friend to so many. Some I know. So goodnight Mr. De Leon (that’s how I call him). God be with you.